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Bol Bachchan (2012)

Bol Bachchan

Bol Bachchan Synopsis

When a child falls into the well of the temple and Abbas breaks the temple’s lock to save the child. When Prithviraj arrives at the scene, Ravi says Abbas’s name as Abhishek Bachchan to avoid religious controversies of a temple being broken open by a Muslim. Prithviraj hires Abhishek Bachchan (Abbas) and is happy with his work, but Ravi and his friends have to come up with a new plan when Prithviraj spots Abbas celebrating Eid as a Muslim. Abbas and the others convince Prithviraj that the one celebrating Eid was actually ‘Abbas’, an effeminate man and classical Kathak dancer. Things become worse for Abbas and Ravi when Prithviraj kindly hires Abbas for teaching Kathak to his sister Radhika (Prachi Desai). The more Abbas tries to manage his dual life without letting Prithviraj know, the more he has to lie to cover up other lies; this forms the crux of the story. (more…)

3 Bachelors (2012)

3 Bachelors

3 Bachelors Synopsis

3 bachelors is a 2012 hindi comedy/romance movie directed by ajai sinha. this movie was released on 6 july 2012 in cinemas. movie was originally made almost 10 years ago and was never released for unknown reasons. it was finally released on 6 july 2012 amidst lot of controversy and litigations between producers and lead actor sharman joshi. the film stars sharman joshi, raima sen, riya sen, manoj pahwa, himani shivpuri, manish nagpal, master salin, master kashish and negar khan amongst others. (more…)

DABANGG 2 (2012)


DABANGG 2 Synopsis

Chulbul Pandey is transferred and promoted to Kanpur. He is happily married with Rajjo. Kanpur witness a lot of criminal activities daily and kidnapping, rape and murders are done in broad daylight. The main antagonist/villain is Baccha Bhaiyaa, politician and a strong contender for the upcoming elections and Chulbul Pandey sabotages his political image by revealing his immoral activities to the public, media and police force. Chulbul Pandey takes Baccha Bhaiya head on & remains ‘Dabang’ as always (more…)